Ticket System

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# Description Starting out as an edit of a much older system I revamped it over the years into a stand alone, completely written from scratch service for my team. This internal website has been used for approximately 4 years and has seen many iterations of development until todays dynamic and customizable version. I updated it to modern hardware, new environment, and frameworks to be easily edited and maintained. # Features 1. A knowledgebase system that allows groups to create articles which helps the execution of the groups tasks, as well as providing relevant articles when creating a ticket. The knowledge base articles are fully editable using MarkDown. The article changes are tracked and saved allowing people to view older revisions and see what has changed over time. 2. Group customizations allowing many teams their own environment within the system. Giving individual group statistics and separation of concerns between these groups. 3. Time tracking for tickets when assignees work on them. Giving reports back to the user of their hours worked and time recorded for tickets when time tracking is set in the admin settings. 4. User management linked to the internal Active Directory security groups. 5. MarkDown enabled ticket notes. Allowing customization of your content inside of tickets. 6. Priority/Issue/SubIssue/Announcement/Resources list configurations, allowing each group their own list of issues and sub issues and priorities. As well as allowing administrators to post announcements to their group pages. 7. Group resources which allow all users who visit the group use of said resources. For example, quick links like other internal tools or utility paths that are useful for everyone to know. These resources can also be linked into the groups navigation bar allowing a quick reference and access point for key resources. 8. Tickets have the capability of being copied, have children tickets, creating a sub investigation ticket, or attaching content. 9. Allows a customizable auto complete ticket field for machines. Allowing administrators to give custom connection strings and queries for auto complete data. # Images / Clips ##### Team/Group seperation ##### Knowledge base articles when creating a new ticket. ##### Dynamic editing of objects and re-ordering of objects ##### Navigation ![Ticket System Navigation](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/TicketSystem_Navigation-66e846.png) ##### Group General Settings [![Groups General Settings](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/group_settings-21d0bb.png)](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/group_settings-21d0bb.png) ##### Ticket View [![Ticket Notes View](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/Ticket_-_Info_post-update_-701e59.jpg)](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/Ticket_-_Info_post-update_-701e59.jpg)