TTT Weighted Traitor Selection


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# TTT Weighted Traitor Selection ## Version 1.2.0 ## By: Izinga # Description Weighted Traitor Selection allows players to be fairly selected to become traitors and have more people become traitors rather then not getting traitor 5 maps in a row. The longer you go with out being traitor the higher chance you have at becoming traitor. Now that might sound like you could determine who the traitor is; However the algorithm is non-deterministic, making it practically impossible to deduce the current traitors (with the exception with only 2 people playing) Once you become traitor, your weight gets reset down to a default weight. # Prerequisites Depending on your preferred server saving method, you may need additional libraries installed on your server in order for this to properly function. If you are planning on using one of the two SQL methods, you will need Mysqloo ( If you are not using SQL to save (1.2.0), proceed to installation # Installation 1. Copy the folder `tttweightsystem` into your addons folder. 2. Open the file lua/autorun/weightsystem_autorun.lua, at the top of the file there is a variable named **WeightSystem.StorageType**, set this to *mysql*, *sqlite*, or *json* based on your preferred saving method. 3. - For SQL (MySql & sqlite), complete the installation of MySQLoo, and set up a database on your server. - For JSON, proceed to 4. 4. - For SQL, Run your server once and it will generate a database-template.txt in `garrysmod/data/weightsystem`, copy and rename it to database.txt and edit the settings inside with your database connection info. (keep it in the same folder) - For JSON, Run your server and start a round of TTT (Set minplayers to 1), the round will auto-complete and you are all set. Once the database settings are configured in the database.txt, restart your server or change maps for it to generate the tables. Once the tables are created, thats it! Go gain some weight! # Console Commands **ttt_traitor_chance_command**: Sets the command players can use to see their traitor chance. If ttt_show_traitor_chance is set to 0 this will not work. (default !TC) **ttt_karma_increase_weight**: If you want people to get a slight increase in weight (0-2 weight) for good karma you have to enable this command. (Default 0) **ttt_karma_increase_weight_threshold**: This is the minimum amount of karma needed to get the increased weight buff. If they are below it they will just get regular weight. (default 950, based off of the default max karma in regular TTT) **ttt_show_traitor_chance**: At the beginning of every round it sends out a message stating what your chance is to become traitor in the next round, or in the next map. **ttt_weight_system_fun_mode**: Allows the players weight to be portrayed onto their model. (default 0) would not suggest this to be on 24/7 more of a fun mode to have on every now and then (0% chance is normal model, 100% chance is much fatter model, everything else is in between) ![Image of fat person]( # Admin Console Commands **ttt_weightlogs**: (just typed into console) This allows admins to view all players weight and their chance to become traitor. Admins are also able to see a count of how many times each player has been a specific role. In the weight menu you can also get the players SteamID and set their weight back to default or set the weight to what ever you want, giving the player a higher chance or lower chance at becoming traitor in next round. To gives users permission to `ttt_weightlogs` they must be in an allowed group. Any group you want to have access must be added to the `data/weightsystem/groupperms.txt` file which gets generated on first load of the script. ![Admin menu]( # Group Extra Weight This feature was requested by a user, with it you have the ability to give certain groups extra weight. For example you can have donators get 1 or 2 extra weight every round to increase their chances of being traitor more often. Like the `database.txt` file a `groupweight-template.txt` will be generated with an example (like below) that you can use. You can also just create the file yourself and name it `groupweight.txt` and make sure it is in `/data/weightsystem/` folder. As of 1.2.0, you can now also use this system to cap a player's percentage of being a traitor when assigned to a group as well. ```json { "1":{ "MaxWeight":10, "GroupName":"[GroupName]", "MinWeight":0, "cappedWeight":10 }, "2":{ "MaxWeight":10, "GroupName":"[AnotherGroupName]", "MinWeight":5, "cappedWeight": 100 } } ``` In the above example, the first entry would grant a random weight gain of 0 to 10 each round, but the player would never be allowed to gain weight allowing them to go above a 10% chance to be a traitor in a round. In the second example, the weight gain is 5 to 10 points, but the player can go up to 100% chance. If you would like to not have bonus weight gain, set both MinWeight and MaxWeight to 0. If you do not want to use this feature simply don't have a file named `groupweight.txt` in the `/data/weightsystem/` folder with a proper configuration. The settings for the `groupweight.txt` are as follows - ### Group Weight Settings **MinWeight**: The minimum amount of weight you would want added to users in the group. **MaxWeight**: The maximum amount of weight you would want added to users in the group. **GroupName**: The group you wish for a random amount between MinWeight and MaxWeight to be added. **cappedWeight**: The highest percentage chance a player in the group is allowed to attain for traitor chance. As a note, users who are in a group and receive extra weight will be told they are getting extra weight because they are in said group. # Change Log ## 1.1.0 => 1.2.0 * Added the ability to store information locally in .json format, set the StorageType to json. * Addressed the bug where players can randomly "lose weight", this was due to the system incorrectly trying to save on the final round of a map during the map change. * Re-did the weight reset algorithm to be a bit more random in nature, this will prevent the issue with groups of players being traitor together frequently. * Added an algorithm to count the number of rounds you have not gotten traitor and exponentially increase weight gain once you pass a threshold. * Added round statistics to the beginning of a round. * Added the ability to cap the traitor chance percentage of a player based on their assigned group. # Contributors ## The following have helped this project with bug fixes and feature additions * LaurenceKaye * MinIsMin * janesth * monster010 * Phantom139