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# Description The Lab Management System uses a pre-existing internal database of server information and uses it to display a user friendly representation of labs, racks and servers. With this tool you can view all standardized named buildings, rooms, racks, and servers in their respective layout. As well as giving a visual representation of said data, it also provides information based on things like power, types of devices, and space usage. The Lab Management System has been used for finding devices, viewing graphs and usage statistics, viewing the layout of a lab, and used in significant campus lab moves. # Features 1. Visual representation of hard data. 2. The ability to see power and space utilization as well as device type counts and warranty data. 3. Dynamic editable lab layouts providing an exact representation of the rooms themselves. 4. Rack layouts that provide vital device information such as its end of warranty or end of life, what type of server it is, power, and other asset information. 5. The ability to move devices between racks and add or edit device information directly in the rack view itself giving users a full experience than using other programs without the visual representation of the data. # Images / Clips [![Room Layouts](]( ##### Graphs, Statistics and Errors [![Device Type Graphs](]( [![Power Usage](]( [![Space Usage](]( [![Raw Data](]( In the raw data section you also get a list of errors that exist within the room. [![Errors](]( ##### Lab Layout