Gather Server Information Utility


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# Description This is a utlity used in many areas, from [APS Validation]( to being included in [ADE]( The script can be used against many forms of servers, such as HPE, Dell, or Quanta. The utilities tests can be generic across many different manufacturers or specific towards a certain type. Upon gathering the information it also gets stored into a database which allows all gathered information to be viewed from our device management site. The script is easily modifiable and easily able to add in new tests ```PowerShell # Initial Entry function Main() { # Gets the Manufacturer to determine which tests and XML to load. $Manufacturer = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_computersystem | Select -exp Manufacturer LogLine "Manufacturer: $Manufacturer" # Gets the servers BMC ip from the database. $BmcIp = GetBmcIP -HostName $env:COMPUTERNAME LogLine "BMC IP: $BmcIp" # Generic Firmware Methods (independant of manufacturer) Generic # Firmware methods for Dell only. if($Manufacturer -like "*Dell*"){ Dell } # HP specific tests if($Manufacturer -like "*HP*"){ HP } # Quanta Specific Tests if($Manufacturer -like "*Quanta*"){ Quanta } # Reduced file. .... } ``` # Images Here is an example of some of the gathered information [![](](