Deployment Requester

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# Description This system was created for users to request deployments of different types of items such as VMM, Azure, Storage, and other generic requests. The site was a central point of many systems all being linked together. The main request was hosted in a TFS issue tracker, while the deployment tickets were hosted in an internal ticket system. When a user would request an item, it would create all the correct tickets for that type of deployments in all the different areas needed. It would create tickets in the aforementioned ticketing system and the tracking TFS item that holds all data. All deployments are configured using an XML templating system that was created especially for this. An individual template would have many pieces to it, it would have all the inputs that would be required for the deployment. The XML would also have all the required base tickets that would need to be created when the deployment was approved/requested. # Xml Examples This is an example of a single row of inputs that get rendered when you view the new deployment page of a hardware request. ```xml Example: 190412 System.Int32 Example: 10 System.Int32 Example: Lucas Elzinga System.String ``` The following is a minimized version of a "Group" which all "Rows" must fall under which are capable of being collapsed on the page or visiblity options such as for administrators only. ```xml ``` An example of a Dropdown input, also as note the "DestinationId" is where the input gets saved to inside the TFS item when it gets created. ```xml ```` When the deployment gets approved it uses the xml to determine what tickets it needs to open in the relevant systems. You can see below an example of one that uses some different variations of control. For example when the users deployment gets approved it takes the data the user inputted and interoplates into the tickets the system must create. This allows relevant information to be passed along to the techs who need to do their individual parts of the deployment. Tickets can also be conditioned to only execute under certain conditions. For the ticket example below, it would only create said ticket if the option for SAN Storage was set to Yes, if it was No, there would be no need for the ticket. ```xml Setup SAN Space for TFS ID {Id} ( {Title} )
{User} 3 Medium On Hold
``` # Images A hardware deployment which you can view a snippet of the XML that renders out the page. [![Hardware Deployment](]( The home page of the deployment site where you can also see related tickets that fall under the deployment. [![Home Page](](