A.D.E (Deployment Service)

Powershell, WinPE

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# Description ADE (A.P.S Deployment Environment) is used to deploy a custom environment onto devices from a bare metal state. The only requirement that the environment needs is to have a connected network and access to a network PXE boot server. Once the system is told to boot into the ade-pe.wim file the entire system is automated. It configures the disks, ensures all specific APS requirements are met, and automatically executes the [System Validation](http://www.lucaselzinga.com/Project/20). Among those things it also [gathers the servers information](#) using more custom scripts to get things like boot order, firmware levels, network info and other hardware data. # Images / Clips Visual of deployment while in WinPE. Looks the same through out all stages of deployment, a command prompt with information. [![Hardware Deployment](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/ADE_blurred-a77ce9.png)](https://sharex.lucaselzinga.com/files/ADE_blurred-a77ce9.png)