Lucas Elzinga

Currently based in
Seattle, Washington

About Me

Hi! I'm Lucas Elzinga and I have been working with computers practically my entire life. I started early with programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver, eventually finding that I love the thought process that goes into creating and developing a product. This lead me into gaming where I focused on level design and creating the world the user experiences which lasted through out my teenage years.

As time went on I picked up C# as my first indepth programming language where I dabbled in frameworks such as XNA and WebForms. Around the age of 20 I took an opportunity to work as a lab engineer at Microsoft where my knowledge in C# accelerated drastically.

Within six months I had completely re-written our ticketing system, created an automated firmware deployment system, and in the years to come created projects such as A.D.E or A Lab Visualizer.